A Song of Ice and Fire – George RR Martin

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A Song of Ice and Fire is a fantasy series that any diehard fan of this genre can’t miss. And I’m no exception! So far, I’ve literally devoured all seven of them, and still wishing for more.

About the series, well, there’s one thing I want to say: It’s an epic one!

Errr… Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but these books are really great. In spite of telling a familiar story of several kingdoms fighting each other for a special prize – in this case, the Iron Throne – it still manages to make almost every reader’s jaw drop on the floor after just the first chapters.

There are many twists and turns in the entire series. Moments that I’ve never seen coming, and even moments that I’ve seen coming but never want them to. Martin has built a breath-taking world with well-constructed situations and acclaimed characters. And these are elements that keep me eagerly reading from the very first book to the last one.

I must say, Martin did a very good job in creating characters.

Do you know why?

In general, when it comes to writing a whole series with such a big plot, some author will make paper-thin characters. Or some of the main characters will become paper-thin at one point. But not this!

No matter who they are or which side they take, in this book, all vital characters have their own depth. They come with awesome backstories, some of them just so sorrowful that they bring tears to my eyes sometimes.

The greatest thing about A Song of Ice and Fire is there is no true villain or hero, but mere human trying to live and survive. I really love this part about the series. It makes me realize that nothing is really what it seems. And sometimes, people change not because they want to, but tragedy and misfortune force them too.

The characters’ emotions are captured very well. Now, Martin is not the one with the greatest writing style, but the way he creates everyone in the series is simply admirable.

But since this is a story about wars, battles, and fighting over power, it’s not going to suit everyone. I’ll be honest with you: This is a dark series! The atmosphere’s dreary and intense, the characters are scheming and sometimes malicious, and many parts of each book get so brutal that I can’t bear to read them twice.

And the characters die too. Martin shows no mercy in this. Just because they’re the readers’ top favorites don’t mean they get any privilege. This is a world of blood and violence, everyone’s life is on the line. So try not to get attached with any character, because in the next chapter, they’ll be the ones that fall down.

Like any novels for adult, the series comes with sex scenes. A lot of nudity, hot, intense scenes between characters tangled in their bedsheets or elsewhere pop up throughout seven books. Many of them tend to become… violent sometimes. And just for you to take caution, even rape scenes show up.

In total, this’s an outstanding fantasy series that I highly recommend to all fans of the genre. I know that things might be too brutal and explicit, but these are novels about wars and battles, what do you even expect?

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