Before the Storm by Christie Golden

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Have you heard about Christie Golden? She is one of the most well-known American authors in recent time. During her career, she has written more than 70 novels and short stories in fantasy, horror and science fiction genre. With her creative and unique styles, she successfully became one of the New York Times bestselling author. She is the author of a very famous series called Star Trek, which makes her reputation spread like wildfire. Apart from Star Trek, Before the storm is another outstanding novel she has ever written.  

About the storyline, in the first scene, the lord of the Legion comes back and destroys the planet Azeroth. From then on, Azurite is formed. This strange substance has an extraordinary power that many different forces want to possess. It is discovered by Sylvanas Windrunner – the Warchief of the Horde. She figures it out the secret of Azurite, which can make the owner  mighty and undefeatable. However, she has another thing to concern – Desolate Council. This is the group of Undead which is created since the Dark Lady became the Warchief.

In order to investigate the power of Azurite, Gallywix gives it to the goblin scientist, Grizzek. Unfortunately, he is caught by Gallywix’ thugs and they take all of his inventions and notes about the mysterious substance. Then, bad things happen when these people understand the ability of Azurite. Sylvanas is the leader of the Horde, and she wants to lead the Horde to destroy Stormwind. If she wins, they can revive the dying land and have a place to live. Forsaken follows her lead.

In another context, Anduin – the king of Stormwind tries to make a bond between humans and the undead in the hope of keeping the forever peace in this world. The Desolate Council and Sylvanas accept his idea of reconnection. Anduin holds a meeting in Arathi Highlands to gather the humans and undead who agree with the reconnection. This is a great chance for Sylvanas to kill the heir of Lordaeron – Calia Menethil and start a war.

This novel is epic. Every detail is closely connected in a very logical way which can highlight the messages the author wants to deliver. Christie Golden builds up the character with different powers and characteristics. Readers are driven to a world where mythical forces with supernatural powers fight for their lives, their loves, and their families. The power of bravery and kindness in a good leader will be the key to solve every problem. Moreover, when Christie Golden successfully shows the wicked ambition of the villains, audiences will be surprised with the unpredictable schemes that the characters set in order to achieve their purposes. 

I believe every reader will be satisfied with this novel and with people who love the fantasy genre, this will be the number one choice.

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