Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Book

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The book once again starts with the summer holiday and Harry Potter will start his fourth year at Hogwarts. I felt so clearly from the beginning that Harry is so excited for his new year. New spells to learn and more Quidditch games to play. As you can probably guess, there are lots of dangers waiting…

Harry Potter books are always my favorite, especially this book The Goblet of Fire. It features many amazing creatures that cannot be found in any other book in the series.

As a big fan of Harry Potter, I must say that it is fascinating to gradually find out about the wizarding world as well as the magnificent beauty of those creatures.

As usual, you can never have any uninteresting moment since every page is a whole new world that makes you feel so hard to put the book down.

Hermione Granger, in this book, demonstrates her cleverness and intelligence. Especially in this book, she also expresses her emotional side, which is not depicted in previous parts. In the end, Hermione is just a girl with feelings, just like anybody else.

The Goblet of Fire also brings Cedric Diggory into the book. He is a Hufflepuff who allows us to have a new perspective on this house. I particularly love this book because it lets us see incredible values of Hufflepuffs that other books do not clearly show.

The story starts at a Quidditch World Cup and wizards from all over the world, gathering to support their team. In the middle of the night, there is a group of wizards who help Lord Voldemort attack muggles. Harry, Ron, and Hermione accidentally were in the middle of the incident.

When they return from school, they meet a new professor called “Mad-eye” Moody. He teaches Dark Arts. The reason why he is called Mad-eye is that he has a one-eyed ex-aura which can see through walls.

This fourth year is also the first time Hogward hosts Tri-wizard Tournament. For those who have not heard of it, this is a competition amongst the top three most prominent magical schools. Apart from magical ability, you have to show high intelligence and incredible physical strength to win.

Somehow, Harry got in the competition, and things get more and more interesting from here. Compared to other competitors, he is the youngest and the most inexperienced. In other words, he has almost no chance to win.

But when he starts to get into more rounds, things have not been like what it seems previously before. The whole thing is just a plan, and there are many moments where you just could not believe this is what is happening.

Every book in the Harry Potter series has a different picture and none of which is boring. If you are leaving this book half-reading, I think you should re-think about the decision and finish it. You will surprise with what is in the rest of the book.

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