Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Book

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Harry Potter has always been my favorite fantasy series ever since I was a kid. Even today, it still remains a special part of my childhood.

I must say, Rowling has done an amazing job in creating a magical universe like no other. In that very world, anything can happen. Everything we think to be impossible turns out possible, and creatures we think only live in legend thrive proudly and freely.

Each book in the series tells a different adventure of Harry Potter – a powerful young wizard – as he learns more about this magical world, makes new friends along the way, and of course, battles the force of evils.

There are seven books in total, each captures a year in his life as he changes from an ingenious 11-year-old child to a fearless 17-year-old wizard. The Half-blood Prince is the sixth one, and also the novel marking an important incident that takes my tears every time I think of it.

The story begins as Harry receives a strange textbook with unusual guidelines and the name Half-blood Prince written on it. At first, he thinks of it as nothing but a mean to cheat his way to better marks. Then, he is summoned by his Headmaster to study a special subject that only involves two of them.

This leads to many incidents thereafter, as many secrets are revealed, some so shocking that my jaws hit the floor when I reach that part. Chaos soon breaks out, one leads to another, and his school ends up under attack. At a desperate attempt to take down his enemy, Harry casts a spell learned from the mysterious textbook, only to find out a shocking truth.

This adventure is really different from everything Harry experienced before. And this is what I like about this series. It starts as a cheerful, magical journey for kids, but then gets darker and darker with every book. Horrible secrets are revealed, lives are lost, trusts are broken, and many messes just continue pop up.

As for this book, well; this where things eventually hit the bottom!

One way or another, Harry always manages to get something at the end of every book.

But in this, he loses more than he receives.

The sixth book of the series marks the death of a character that has always been there since the first adventure and always remained by Harry’s side when he needs, a character that all readers know and love.

The sixth book marks the death of the respectful Headmaster himself.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the book, many than I can remember, but this is the worst. And Rowling writes about the characters’ emotions so well that if I haven’t been spoiled about the ending first, I would have broken into tears.

After this, almost nothing is ever the same again. The characters are forced to accept the fact that their Headmasters won’t be around to help them anymore, that they won’t ever get to see him anymore. The book ends with a funeral, while everyone is left pondering about their own future.

The entire series includes many boiling points, but this is the most important one, and also the worst. Without the tragedy it brings upon Harry and the others, perhaps they will continue to always rely on the Headmaster when problems strike, and can never turn into the powerful wizards they are in the last book.

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