Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix Book

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The fourth novel of this magical adventure doesn’t end well. The Dark Lord has again risen. Tears have been shed, and life has been lost. Even though the last chapter isn’t all that miserable and dismal, we all know that things will never be the same again.

And that’s how The Order of The Phoenix starts. The cheerful atmosphere is no longer there, and something darker has taken over its place. And chaos soon breaks free when Harry and his cousin are attacked by the Dementor and will be done for if The Boy Who Lived doesn’t cast his spell in time.

This leads to him being question by the court for using magic outside his school. He manages to get away without being fine, but that is definitely not a nice experience. I even hear my heart thumping loudly in my chest as I read through this very part.

Troubles tail Harry closely even when he leaves his aunt’s house and starts a new year in Hogwart. All kinds of problems take place, things soon turn into a real mess. But everything reaches its boiling point when Dumbledore is fire and Dolores Umbridge – a twisted woman working for the Ministry of Magic – gets appointed as their Headmistress.

Trust me, everything pops up next is pure torture!

This fifth book isn’t as adventurous as the first four in the whole series, but I like it the most. It truly shows that there is more color of life rather than pink, and sometimes the ones seem to be your truest ally against evil can be your biggest enemies. In this case, Harry Potter and the Ministry of Magic itself!

Due to many reasons, Harry and his friends must flee from school. But then things just keep getting worse and worse until they hit the bottom. The kids are brutally assaulted by the Death Eaters, and all suffered from terrible injuries.

Their saviors soon arrive, but even though they are fortunate to make it out alive, another important character, someone who risks his life to save them, doesn’t.

And that is Harry’s godfather.

The boy even has to watch as the one cares for him like his own kid perishes.

I swear, that part is so messed up, and so painful. And Rowling amazingly captured the characters’ emotions pretty well. When I read the first four books, I just thought that she was only good at telling positive stories. But this proves otherwise! Harry’s agony and sadness are described in details, and they’re so realistic that even I get affected.

In the end, things are all wrapped up as Dumbledore returns to the school and Umbridge has to leave. But this is just the quiet before the real storm. The Dark Lord has returned, and he is now more powerful than ever. Soon, the magic world will fall apart once more if Harry and the others don’t do anything to stop it.

A pretty intense way to close the curtains for a book, and also a good way to give us a peek of the next one.

Definitely the greatest entry in the series!

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