Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban Book

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Are you a fan of Harry Potter?

When it comes to J.K.Rowling’s books, it would be a waste of time to consider whether it is a good book or not. Each book in the series will take you to a whole different world that you have never thought of before.

As always, I am so in love with J.K.Rowling’s book, particularly Harry Potter and his world. She had this incredible power of visualizing everything so real that makes it all shows up in front of your eyes. 

Some people said her book is for children; however, in my opinion, everyone, regardless of their age, can learn so much from her book.

After a long summer, Harry prepared to get back to Hogwarts along with his best friends Ron and Hermione. The exciting thing about this part is that the world is not safe for the kids anymore.

There are a lot of questions needed to be answered, such as: Who is Sirius? What is Azkaban? What does Black want from Harry? The three of them spend lots of time trying to decipher everything that is happening around them.

I particularly love this part as Rowling has made her characters more and more charismatic and clear in the eyes of readers.

Unlike the previous parts, this book is a lot darker when Harry gets to know more about the world around him. His thought becomes more complex and also more enjoyable.

There is one thing I must warn you that once you start reading this book, it would be so hard to put it down. Chances are you are going to reread it a couple of time. There were many times I thought to myself, “Wow, this is amazing! How could I miss such an important detail?”

There were so many times I had no idea how Harry could get out of the situation, but in the end, he could. In a surprising way.

This part is about the prisoner of Azkaban, which brings a new look to the story. Scary but so tempting to find out. And the best part? Harry shows up as a brave character to protect himself and other people.

This part is where the magic world becomes darker and no longer beautiful as it was before. You will see lots of dark sides in this part. It has revenge and betrayal and blood and so many other dark things.

During the whole journey, there was this fear that there is something terrible that is going to happen to Harry. But as usual, he managed it all. 

To my point of view, the ending is quite a rush. Everything happens so quickly that I had to go back a few times to fully understand it. The emotional connection between Harry and his family is quite a rush, I think.

If you think about the previous part, this prisoner Azkaban goes so fast that you always feel that you miss something here and there. But in the end, it was not so significant that it ruins the whole story. I would still rate 5/5 star for this book.

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