The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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Let me ask you a question. What will you do if one day you realize that the mythical world of Greek legend actually exists, and its creatures have been living among you the whole time? And how would you react if you find out that your best friend is one, and then suddenly you’re all attacked by a deadly monster?

Stunned? Speechless? Terrified?

Wait, I’m not finished yet! What if your beloved mother is taken away by that very monster, you faint, and then wake up in a strange place with no trait of modern life? And what will you do if you later realize you’re not just a mere human but a powerful demigod?

Well, this unbelievable mess is what Percy Jackson – the 12-year-old main character of the book – finds himself entangles in and has no way of getting out when he’s just 12 years old!

Rick Riordan starts this adventure/ fantasy book in the simplest, most typical way possible: An unpopular secondary student leading a not-so-easy life when his stepfather is a drunkard and his mom is the only one earning the living. Soon, chaos breaks out, and he learns that he has superpower.

The story then focuses on him trying to figure out who he is, what he can do, and stops bad guys here and there.

Something you often see, right? Still, this doesn’t mean the book is anywhere near boring and predictable. Riordan sure has researched a lot about Greek legend, because the way he brings it into his novel is downright fascinating!

As Percy takes further steps into the life he never knows he can lead, he soon discovers a world where myths turn into reality, and celestial beings do exist. I like the way Riordan captures all the Gods’ personalities here. They have all been modified to fit the 21st century, but still somehow remain traits of themselves in the ancient tales.

But, the highlights of the book are Percy’s adventure and fierce battles against legendary monsters, so they are undoubtedly the most fantastic things about the story. The plot might be a bit typical, but the fights, however, are definitely not!

Along with his friends, Percy has to face all kinds of bone-chilling Greek monsters. At one point, it’s Medusa with writhing snakes in places of hair and can turn people into stone with one look. At another, it’s wicked Echidna disguising herself as an old lady. And later, Percy even has to face the God of War, Ares himself!

Riordan’s writing style isn’t the greatest, but he has built both the situations and the characters very well.

Through the chapters, we get to witness how each character changes as they encounter terrifying enemies, how they learn to understand and respect each other as well as how they gradually change as they take on the challenges. And I have to admit, those are some amazing moments!

He even gives us an unexpected turn at the end of the book – something nobody see coming!

Overall, The Lightning Thief is a pretty amazing book. It doesn’t just merely tell the adventure of a boy fighting monster and mastering his skill, but a story of friendship, courage, kindness, and how the good always prevails in the end. It might not be the best fantasy book, but it’s definitely one you will regret missing!

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