The Dark Tower By Stephen King

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Stephen King – ah, a real legend of horror! Only with a blank page and a pen, he could easily construct a chilling universe filled with eerie monsters lurking around every corner, waiting for the chance to jump at you and make you wet your pants. Some of his stories even make me stay up for nights!

The Dark Tower series is among them. 

Now, it takes seven books to eventually wrap up all the events taking place in this fictional world, so I think it’s safe to say that this string of horror novel comes with a tremendous plot! But since this is Stephen King we are talking about, I’m not very surprised. His stories always reflect a chaotic world where nothing is impossible (in an extremely twisted, violent way).

And that is exactly what makes of The Dark Tower.

There are plenty of things going on throughout the entire series. But in a nutshell, the whole 8 volumes revolve around a journey to a mysterious tower of Roland Deschain, a gunslinger. And like a plethora of King’s horror novels, everything takes place in a world on the verge of falling apart.

War destroys almost all countries, while whatever left is ravaged by violence. Order no longer exists. Time doesn’t flow the way it’s supposed to be. And sometimes, the sun rises and sets in very unusual directions.

Now, if there aren’t any evil forces like ghosts or demons wandering around in the story, then it’s definitely not Stephen King’s book. And this goes the same for The Dark Tower. As Roland ventured deeper into the wasteland and the mystery, new people begin to show up and become a part of his quest. Some are good, some are his allies, but some are out for his blood!

The journey throughout 8 volumes of this series is very typical. Monsters appear out of nowhere, the dark force begins rising, and our protagonists have to fight against them as they step closer to their goal. Quite a familiar attribute of the majority of horror novels on the shelf. Still, with a well-constructed plot, smooth prose, many unpredictable twists and turns as well as his chilling writing style, King has managed to give his book a distinguished trait.

There is something really captivating about the way King wrote his books, almost strange in some ways. Within the world of darkness, evil, and contorted creatures, precious virtues still linger. But you won’t see them. I don’t know how to put this right. The story sometimes gets to the point that there seems to be no moral left, but you will feel it there.

And I think this is what keeps The Dark Tower well-known for years while many horror books have lost their lusters. Despite telling a dark, grim, violent, and somewhat immoral story, King was still able to convey some valuable messages. Between the fierce battle, we still get to see the blooming of friendship, of hope, and of courage. To me, it is really amazing!

I can’t tell for sure whether this is King’s best series or not, but it’s definitely something you have to check out if you are a true fan of horror.

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