The Gunslinger By: Stephen King

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Stephen King – “The King of Horror”-  is the author of more than 50 novels with different styles and genres. Stephen King has become a legendary name for the horror genre with lots of successful masterpieces like IT, The Shining, The Shawshank Redemption, Sematary Pet and  many other thrillers.

One of his must-read series is The Gunslinger, which is later adapted into a movie. This epic series includes eight books, each of which book is created with the elements of fantasy, science fiction, and of course, horror.

The storyline is about the destiny of Roland Deschain – the last living knight of King Arthur. He must bet his life on protecting the Dark Tower from destruction. Legend has it that this tower is the center of all parallel worlds which possesses the power to protect All-world from the evil invasion. It’s much like a mysterious gate standing in the border between humans and devils.

Stephen is famous for his extremely well-built characters. In The Dark Tower, readers will meet the last knight standing in the middle of revenge and destiny. However, he is not alone. His companion is Jake, an 11 year-old boy with hidden psychic powers. Jake is a brave boy who doesn’t succumb to the evil forces and wants to help Roland protect the tower until the end.

During the journey, they are attacked by different creatures like devils, the Slow Mutants, etc. Roland and Jake must find The Man In Black and prevent him from destroying the tower. This powerful wizard aims to release the devil – Crimson King to rule the world and build a new order in the universe.

Eventually, Jake sacrifices himself to help Roland fulfill his destiny. According to the storyline, the world running parallel with the earth is All-World which includes In-World, Mid-World, and End-World. Appears in front of our eyes is a feudal society with highly advanced technology using the power of magic.

I think it will open up a whole new world of thrilling battles with a range of mysterious elements. The fantastic gun battles will bring the story to the boiling point. Readers will be impressed by a brave knight who risks his life to protect his homeland and every people from evil creatures.

In my point of view, The Gunslinger is a dramatic novel. The series promises to bring fear and obsession to the extreme. There is a close link between the content of each book to fully implement the author’s ideas. I considered this book is suitable for teenagers and adults who have a passion for adventures.

I hope you will have a pleasant experience with this series. If you are a fan of fantasy and horror genre, don’t wait any longer, let’s experience things you have never imagined in this book. By the way, thanks a lot for reading this review patiently till the end. Stay tuned for my next review! Goodbye.

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