The Lord of the Rings By J. R. R. Tolkien

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As the first entry in The Lord of the Rings series, The Fellowship of the Ring has done a wonderful job is pulling opened the curtains leading to a fantastic world of adventures, magic, and epic battles against the force of evil.

Taking place in a fantasy world, the book tells the story of a Hobbit named Frodo – kind of similar to short people, in case you don’t know – embarking on a journey to destroy an evil ring given to him by his cousin. Of course, he has his companions, Sam, Pippin, and Merry, who happen to be Hobbits too.

And that is how one of the greatest adventures in the fictional history begins. The team starts as a small group, but then expands as they travel through land and meet new people.

I must say, what Tolkien has done was simply outstanding. Normally, groups and teams in other stories, fantasy or not, consist of one race only. But not here. The Fellowship of the Ring’s members are from several different species of the world. Still, despite their differences, through hardships and challenges, they still stick together, unite as a team, and have each other’s back.

This detail is perhaps really small and unimportant compared to the rest of the series. But I like it the most. It shows how much the characters trust each other, and how much they care about each other albeit their differences. Hard time might come, and they might not be able to walk side by side any time now. Still, they will always belong to The Fellowship of the Ring.

I don’t know if any of you notice this detail or see it the way I do, but I love it so much!

Since this is the first book, and its mission is to create the fundamentals leading to the boiling points in the next entries, there aren’t many fighting scenes. Rather than that, Tolkien focuses on going into details about his fantasy world – a magical, mythical, and beautiful universe where amazing creatures thrive.

I have to say, he has a knack for writing these. I don’t even think anyone can construct such a mesmerizing world as he does. And his vocabulary is simply admirable! Following his words as they start giving details about the landscapes is a really interesting experience – everything is so well-made that it seems like you’re walking within those breath-taking places yourself.

Tolkien’s plot always holds something so intriguing. And this book is no exception. The adventure is beautifully written, full of wonder and surprise. He even takes one step further in creating the creatures: coming up with languages for them! And this isn’t just for fun, you can even learn to use them if you want.

And of course, the book wouldn’t have been this successful without its awesome characters!

They’re very well-designed, I must say, each has their own story, distinguished characteristic, and none is paper-like. Through each chapter, they get more mature. As dangers challenge them, they grow stronger and braver. They fight, they train, they learn their lessons, and in the end, they all grow into fearless fighters.

Overall, The Fellowship of The Ring is a fantastic book for any diehard fantasy fan. It might not be as thrilling and intense as the last two in the series, but they will not be complete without it. A wonderful creation! Thank you, Tolkien!

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