The Shining By: Stephen King

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Once again, Stephen King has proven himself as one of the greatest horror authors in the world with The Shining.

This book is told in a chilling tone with a hint of sinister, typical of his creations. Everything started out slow, but then quickly escalates into intense moments as the plot takes on a frightening turn.

Everything starts when a family moves into the hotel after the husband becomes the winter cleaner there. Now, King has obviously planned to turn it into something big, because not only the husband has anger-control issues but their son is also a psychic.

To top it off, he once broke the little boy’s arm when his temper got out of hand. And this strains the relationship between him and his wife!

Through well-constructed situations, King takes us further and further into the hotel’s mysteries and the uninvited guests there. The place is truly haunted, and even worse, it can snake into people’s mind, warping their personality, turning them insane. It gets to the husband, and then all Hell breaks loose.

Such a frightening plot, right? Then imagine what it will turn to with deadly ghosts and chilling situations! Ever since the family stays at the hotel, creepy incidents keep on occurring, one after another, getting worse day by day.

At first, it only starts with scary visions flooding the son’s mind. But then, as the hotel feeds on his psychic energy and gets stronger, things take a turn for the worst.

There is a part that always makes my hair stand up.

The boy himself enters a secret room of a hotel out of curiosity. And in its bathroom, he spotted a dead woman.

You think discovering a body in an eerie room belongs to a haunted hotel is horrified enough?

No, my friend, the terrible part is when it comes at you and nearly suffocates you to death!

That’s what the boy must go through as the woman turns out to be a ghost and jumps at him. Still, this is nothing compared to the real thrill of the book, the cat-and-mouse game taking everything to its boiling point.

The husband has gone completely insane, contorted by the evil force within the hotel and his own issue with anger controlling. He chased after his wife, trying to slaughter her as she tries to flee for her life. There’s nobody around the entire place at the moment, so there’s nothing she can do but try to escape with a psycho on her tail.

Completely isolated, having nothing to defend herself and can’t do nothing but urging her feet to go faster – Can you imagine the horror that woman must go through?

Even worse, the one trying to kill her is nobody but her own husband!

It gets really messed up after that, and then we have the ending. But I don’t even know whether I should call it a happy one or not. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to feel with it. Should I be sad, should I be happy, should I smile, or should I just curl up and cry? I don’t know!

I’m serious, if King was trying to make people jump out of their skin while having a mental breakdown after experiencing several massive mood swings, he had done a very, very, very good job!

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