Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

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If you are a big fan of romantic stories, you cannot miss the masterpiece called “Twilight”. Let me give you an overall look about it!

Twilight is the love story between Edward and Bella. It is so unique and immortal that no vampire romance you have read before can compare. Even if you are not into vampires, you still need to give this famous writing. I am sure you will never regret it!

The author of Twilight is Stephenie Meyer, one of the most famous American authors. She was born on December 24th, 1973. Her works usually centered upon on romantic and fictional stories. “Twilight” is her most popular work ever. And it is translated into 37 languages and has been sold more than 22 millions copies all over the world. She lives in a big family with five brothers and sisters. The characters in the stories are named after her brothers and sisters.

The story is told in the first-person perspective from the viewpoint of Bella – the main woman character. c. The writing is about the long-lasting love between Bella and Edward – a vampire. This love is extremely unacceptable but Bella and Edward still want to be together. They did not care about anything which would separate their love and even the strict rules that Edward had to follow.

Twilight is written simply yet  beautifully. While reading the background description of Forks, you will feel like you smell the humid air and hear the rain falling. The romantic love between Bella and Edward is completely touching. Although this is love, they still chose to stand by and fight for each other. The book reaches a fever pitch of amaze and surprise as the story progresses.

Twilight has been described as “a vampire story for everyone who does not like vampire stories” and I completely agree with this idea. This work contains a lot of meaningful message for any reader, from teenagers to adults. And, if you are passionate about vampires, you should never miss it. This is a wonderful book that you should read at least once in your life!

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