Wonder By R. J. Palacio

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The story begins with August Pullman, who is a ten-year-old boy. Unlike other boys, he was homeschooled for all of his elementary time. When his mom could not teach him anymore, she started to send him to a school regardless of his risk of being bullied.

If you are wondering what it would be like for him, imagine when you have to face the whole world that does not like you. August is bullied mostly by a kid called Julian.

That is not the end of the story, yet. August felt so hurt when he eavesdrops his friends who are talking behind his back. And cruelly. August started to skip classes.

To be honest, I enjoyed the book a lot. I was so touched reading Wonder from the very first page. Everything has been so hard for our boy August. I recommend you all to have a box of tissues by your sides when reading this book.

One of the main reasons why so many people, including me, love the book so much is that it is written by many different characters. This allows you to understand the story through many different lenses.

I particularly love Justin’s part. Because he is not an English phenomenon, the writer has written his chapter without punctuation. I also love Via, Auggie’s sister. She has an exceptional view of the world, which lets you see everything around so inspiring and different.

For me, I think the message coming from the book is that no matter what you look like, you will always shine if you are your true self. It does not matter what color your skin is; it does not matter what other people may think of you. You will always shine.

I particularly recommend Wonder book to children aged more than nine years old. There are some depressing scenes that I am not sure smaller children are ready to read.

For such a long time, Wonder has been praised as a book that makes all people grown up. August is such a fantastic character. He is smart and funny, which is why I am pretty sure all of you will love him after reading just a few pages. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I do hope that this book will be made in a movie. I cannot wait to see it.

This is not a difficult book to read. Anyone can enjoy reading this one just after a few pages. Regardless of children or adults, I am sure there are a lot of things for you to learn from the book as well as from our character.

I would not spoil so much in this review anymore. The book is so well written that makes you fall in love with the character right away. It will delight both children and adults who dare to try such a book. The story is so terrific that you might not want to miss any piece.

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